Top 4 Best Personal Trainers in Barrie

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Alexacise Fitness

361 King St, Barrie, ON L4N 6B5, Canada
Hours Of Work

Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday:10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: CLOSED

List Of Services

Competition Training, Posing Coach, Nutrition, Group Training Sessions, Corporate Fitness Classes

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About Alexacise Fitness

Alexacise helps people find their right ‘FIT’ & maintain it with our intuitive exercise & nutritional programming.

2019 Canadian Trainer of the Year

2019 Barrie’s Favourite Personal Training, Nutrition Services, Fitness Instructor and Nutritionist

With over 15 years of experience, Alexacise doesn’t just assess your goals but your entire physique needs to customize your training. Proper programming requires continuous attention to an individual’s biofeedback to assess the body’s success or lack of to specific training regimes.
Whether you want one-on-one training or training in a group environment, Alexacise will exercise you based on your body’s needs and physical condition.

They have a nutrition program custom designed to suit your unique nutritional needs, lifestyle and goals. With Alexacise the nutrition fits you, you don’t fit the nutrition.


  • Reasonable prices
  • CSEP Certified Fitness Consultant
  • Offers a diverse background of fitness knowledge
  • Barrie Advance Reader's Choice Award - Voted Barrie's Favourite Personal Trainer 7 Years in a Row


  • Closed on Sundays

Review Highlights

“Alexa’s training has made a huge difference in my life. She’s amazing in her ability to work with people individually and get to know their needs and their goals through weight-training and through nutrition. She’s not only helped me find a better way to get into and stay in shape, she’s given me a new outlook about myself. Joining Alexacize was truly one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.”

“Honestly… What can I say? I have been working with Alexa for close to 8 months and she has completely changed my life. Her plans are achievable, maintainable and she has gotten me in the best shape of my life. I’m mentally strong and happy. She was able to listen to my needs and how my life was structured and work WITH me to achieve my goals. Not only is she grade A knowledgeable in terms of workout mechanics but her knowledge of diet is next to none.”

“Alexa is AMAZING!! 5 stars doesn’t seem to be enough for what Alexa has done for me. Over the past year she has helped me significantly with my overall fitness goals and specifically helped me rehab a total knee replacement. I could not have done it without Alexa. You cannot go wrong in hiring her to help you. Whether it is fitness and/or nutrition Alexa has your back. Always. “

“Alexa runs a top notch fitness studio. I started going to her studio in January 2016 for a few months. I felt very good while I was there. Then the spring came and I stopped going. I went to another facility for a short period of time that summer. I then came back to Alexa with my tail between my legs in April of this year as I realized there was a huge difference in the quality of her work. Alexa truly takes pride and a personal goal in each of our fitness goals. I am so happy I am back at Alexacise and highly recommend her.”

McD Fitness

565 Bryne Dr, Barrie, ON L4N 9Y3, Canada
Hours Of Work

Monday 9AM–9PM
Tuesday 9AM–9PM
Wednesday 9AM–9PM
Thursday 9AM–9PM
Friday 9AM–9PM
Saturday 9AM–3PM
Sunday 10AM–2PM

List Of Services

1 on 1 Personal Training

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About McD Fitness

McD Fitness is a fully equipped personal training studio for people who are serious about weight loss, good health, and athletic training.

Online Coaching, Gain Muscle, Lose Fat, Live a healthier, fit and active life.


  • Knowledgeable
  • Flexible hours
  • CPA Natural Bodybuilder
  • Nationally Qualified


  • Busy customer service

Review Highlights

“Alex is without a doubt the most knowledgeable, kind and inspirational personal trainer you could ask for. He will help you reach your goals in a way that’s right for YOU. His promotion of flexible dieting and safe movement patterns result in benefits you will see inside and outside of the gym. Whoever you are and whatever your goal is, Alex will get you there ! I have personally gone through multiple massing and cutting phases using his programming, and my results continue to amaze me. I have achieved so much beyond anything I could have ever imagined.”

“Alex helped prepare me for bikini competition in 2018. His knowledge and confidence in the industry specifications was extraordinary. Thanks to him, I am now eligible for the pro qualifier. I appreciate his dedication to fitness, mobility and strength training. But most of all, he is the most approachable and friendly coach in the industry! I would highly recommend McD Fit for competition prep or for a generalized approach to health and fitness. His mobile app makes training and tracking nutrition so effortless that there is no excuses to strive for your best self!”

“Having worked alongside Alex in the health and fitness industry for several years and counting, I can confidently say that he is an expert beyond his years. Not only do I consult Alex for personal nutritional advice, but I also refer my own clients to him for show prep. His endless pursuit of self education and relentless drive to becoming the best he can be shows in the transformations he consistently produces with his clients. His knowledge and application of physique sport is unmatched by anyone else I’ve ever encountered, especially in Barrie. If you’re looking to take your physique to new heights, whether that means competing or for fun, do yourself a favor and contact Alex.”

“Alex combines exceptional knowledge, curiosity and dedication with an openness and approachability that is exceedingly rare in any industry. He holds a wealth of knowledge in movement, flexibility, strength and conditioning that is second to none. He helped me to perform my best both in the gym and on the stage, and I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone striving to achieve their best.”

In Home Trainer Barrie

21-235 Ferndale Dr S, Barrie, ON L4N 0T6, Canada
Hours Of Work

Wednesday 6AM–11PM
Thursday 6AM–11PM
Friday 6AM–11PM
Saturday 6AM–11PM
Sunday 6AM–11PM
Monday 6AM–11PM
Tuesday 6AM–11PM

List Of Services

Strength Pack – $89 per Session
Fit Pack – $79 per Session
Transformation Pack – $69 per Session
Single session packs available- $99.00

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About In Home Trainer Barrie

Inhometrainer was created in 1999 by personal trainer Mike Tangreda with his passion for fitness, health and wellness . His goal was to spread the idea of living a healthy lifestyle by exercising in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Inhometrainer is a company that strongly believes in health and wellness and does not believe in overly aggressive fitness consultants that are typically found in most gyms.

Their goal is to empower clients so they remain motivated and have the knowledge to achieve great health always at their command.


  • Personalized program cards with photo and video
  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer in Barrie
  • Full fitness assessments and nutrition counseling included
  • Rewards program earning points for every session completed with inhometrainer
  • No Equipment is necessary, all we need is a 6ft by 6ft space
  • Affordable


  • Busy customer service

Review Highlights

“Jenn is an inspiring personal trainer. She is professional, knowledgeable, organized, adds variety, provides positive and constructive feedback, flexible to needs and best of all makes every training session so much fun. She has turned exercise into a ‘way of life’ for my husband and me in a matter of weeks.”

“Jennifer really took the time to listen to my end goal. She is really knowledgeable, supportive and pushed me to do what I thought was too hard but looking back it really wasn’t. It was exactly what I needed. I have a ton more energy and confidence. Thanks Jennifer for all that I do.”

“Jen’s comprehensive knowledge of personalizing a workout to her client’s goals is second to none! Loved training with her; makes working out fun while also kicking your a**! 100% would recommend contacting”

“I have been training with Jennifer for these last few months and I’ve drop fat and toned up feeling stronger. She made it seem easy and fun! Thanks Jen”

Jess Mogan Fitness

3199 Wainman Line, Coldwater, ON L0K 1E0, Canada
Hours Of Work

Wednesday 6AM–10PM
Thursday 6AM–10PM
Friday 6AM–10PM
Saturday 9AM–12PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 6AM–10PM
Tuesday 6AM–10PM

List Of Services

Personal training

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About Jess Mogan Fitness

Jess is a passionate, educated, experienced and energetic personal trainer. Jess helps each client achieve specific fitness and health goals through education, accountability and structure. She emphasizes the importance of mental health, mindset and lifestyle habits outside of the gym and the role they play in obtaining and achieving sustainable results.

Jess offers so much more than just weekly and hourly personal training sessions in the gym. She creates customized programs for exercise, nutrition and lifestyle habits that vary depending on each clients needs, limitations and capabilities.“


  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Affordable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Excellent motivator


  • Closed on Sundays

Review Highlights

“Jess is an outstanding trainer. She is caring and thorough, thoughtful and knowledgeable, professional and sensitive. She brings a positive attitude and specially-crafted routine to each session – I actually look forward to and enjoy working out now because of Jess. Jess expertly creates sessions for me that are healing, energizing, flexible and customized. Her background in Kinesiology is apparent: she focuses on form, which makes SUCH a huge difference in my workouts: I feel and see results! Jess Mogan comes with my highest recommendation.”

“Jess is the best . She knows her stuff . She is very professional. She listens to what you want and need from her as a trainer and coach. She holds you accountable and pushes you to your limit . With her bubbly personality and great music it is definitely addicting and makes you want to do well . I always feel so exhilarated after a work out with Jess. And I have so much more energy . Thanks Jess for being you and for making me a better person.”

“Jess is amazing! I have worked out with trainers over the years, who have primarily used a one plan for everyone. In the past 5 years or so, I have been less active, with physical issues. Because Jess has a background in Kinesiology, she knows the body and gives appropriate exercises to strengthen and repair whatever issues each individual has. She is absolutely there for her clients. She knows when to push and does so in a very caring manner. Her workouts are geared to each individual. She has helped this chubby 57 year old woman actually enjoy exercise again. I feel fantastic that I have lost weight and inches and I have only been working with her for a month. And that is with virtual training over zoom. I won’t be working with anyone else and would highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about getting in shape.”

“One day I decided to make some changes in my life and wanted to start with accountability. After watching some of Jess’ posts online, I decided to join a group of girls in a 14 Day Accountability Challenge. When it came to fitness, I had no idea what I was doing. Jess was easy to reach at any time and was polite, caring and respectful! She provided me with all of the tools which have led me to today (6 months later). My mental health has improved, my eating habits are better and my confidence has sky rocketed. She still checks in from time-to-time, which means a lot.”

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